Hey Queen! Welcome to The Holy It Girl Society

The Christian Friend Group You Have Been Praying For!

Why The Holy It Girl Society?

The Holy It Girl Society is designed to bring together Christian Female Entrepreneurs, Content Creators, & Influencers who may be going through a waiting season and are looking for direction and clarity from God to obtain their hearts desires and become the women of their dreams. In this group we talk God and business!  Within our community we discuss the transition that must take place within you mentally and internally in order for you to shift your physical world through God. While also exploring key marketing and business principles to help you experience social media growth and to truly see the change you have been praying for.

Have you ever felt like God have given you this big vision, but felt like you lacked the resources, support , and information necessary to bring it to life? We call this a God sized vision and you were never meant to bring it into fruition alone. Our community focuses on not only the strategic side of business and content creation, but the community a Queen needs to show up and walk confidently in her purpose everyday!

Feel Free Contact Us With Questions! Email: [email protected] Phone: (410) 205-9522

This Community Is Perfect For You If You Are...

  • Looking to be a part of a group with like-minded ambitious female content creators and entrepreneurs who truly love God and are willing to support you on your journey
  • Feeling as if God is bringing you through some form of transition in life and has you in a waiting season
  • Feeling stagnant when it comes to your social media, business growth, or in life in general
  • Constantly find yourself frustrated because you're comparing your journey to others
  • Wanting clarity from God and to follow his instructions, but do not understand how to know what he is calling you to do or if you are hearing him correctly.
  • Looking to score brand deals as a creator or gain clients/customers as an entrepreneur
  • Wanting weekly motivation to accomplish your goals and break bad habits such as lack of consistency or procrastination.

Membership Benefits

When you join The Holy It Girl Society today, you’ll get access to:

  • Weekly Coaching Calls : Weekly live video calls which will discuss a variety of topics having to do with mental health, business tips, social media growth strategies, building a relationship with God, scoring brand deals and more!  Every call will be designed to encourage and equip you to become the women of your dreams and awaken to your power as a daughter in Christ. 
  • Weekly Devotional Video Messages: - Short 1-5 minute videos of revelation given to Tyanna from God. These messages are meant to bring encouragement and clarity.
  • Book Club : The most successful people in the world read. The book club will help you take a deeper look into some of the most brilliant minds.
  • Bible Study: These sessions occur twice a month and are open to everyone, even those that are not members. However, attendance is encouraged for members as well because they will enhance your experience.

The Transformation You Will Experience

We’re focused on helping you walk in your purpose and wake up everyday proud of what you have accomplished. All results depend on your consistency and commitment to becoming a better you!

Here is the transformation that you can expect after months of being a member within the Holy It Girl Society:

  • Development of meaningful connections and partnerships with other like-minded Christian Women that are Entrepreneurs & Creators
  • Strengthened relationship with God and be able to discern which season of life he has you in 
  • Confidence in your ability to create content for your personal brand or business
  • Benefit from a support system during your growth and transformation phase
  • Achieve goals set for yourself within your business and/or as a creator
  • More discipline when it comes to consistency and ditching procrastination

Feel Free Contact Us With Questions! 

Email: [email protected] Phone: (410) 205-9522